By 2065, Utah County will add 1 million people to its population, 85% from internal growth. We are planning for our kids to have healthy and meaningful places to work, live, learn, and play.

Utah county is at a crossroads

Utah County residents enjoy a high quality of life and a strong economy. As the county adds more than a million people over the next fifty years primarily through internal growth, however, growth pressures could lead to increased traffic congestion and air pollution, loss of farmland and open space, and the need to grow a strong economic base so that future generations can find good jobs in Utah County.

A process that brings the people of Utah County together to form a vision can address questions like: How can travel in and through Utah County remain convenient? How can we grow jobs that pay competitive wages and that ensure people can live and work in the same area? How can we prepare our kids and recruit talent to fuel economic and job growth? How can housing be kept affordable so that future generations can live near where they grew up?

A vision is more than a plan; a vision mobilizes stakeholders and builds momentum toward implementation, while ensuring resident support. A vision includes economic, education, land use, and transportation goals, as well as broadly-supported strategies to achieve those goals, all built on a solid analytical framework and on local values to achieve the desires of Utah County residents. While Envision Utah will staff the visioning effort, it will be run by Utah County stakeholders and will result in what is truly a Utah County vision.

The Valley Visioning goal: to engage residents and stakeholders in a process that establishes a community-supported vision for growth in Utah County.

The Valley Visioning process will explore potential growth decisions, and at the conclusion of the process, policy makers and leaders will know which goals and planning strategies resonate best with residents and stakeholders as ways to achieve desired outcomes. The vision will act as a voluntary yet powerful framework to underpin future planning and implementation in the county. This framework will benefit from strong momentum and broad, demonstrated support as it is implemented through public, private, nonprofit and partnership activities.

The visioning process will involve stakeholders from:

  • Local Government

  • Existing employers in the area

  • Transportation agencies

  • Economic development groups

  • State legislature

  • Major landowners

  • Educational institutions

  • Utility Providers

These stakeholders will help identify the areas of highest concern and engage the public in hearing their concerns and ideas. Along with consultants and professionals to model potential futures for Utah County, these stakeholders and the public will select what they want for the future of their neighborhoods. The final vision will produce a cohesive plan to for everyone in the region to work towards to combat chaotic growth and keep Utah County a place that is healthy, neighborly, and prosperous.