Is this the point of the mountain project?

Though there is some geographic overlap between the scopes of this project and Point of the Mountain Visioning Process, Valley Visioning is focusing on all of Utah County from Lehi to Cedar Valley to Santaquin, rather than just a select portion of the county. There will be collaboration between the two projects as they tackle similar issues in close proximity with many of the same stakeholders.

For more information about the Point of the Mountain Visioning Process, click here.

The population of Utah County is predicted to increase by 1 million people by 2065, most of which are our own children. This county is projected to have a higher growth rate in population, households, and employment than Salt Lake County. We must plan ahead for this population boom to ensure that we can maintain high quality of life for ourselves and our children.

Why does this project keep mentioning growth? How quickly is the area growing?

We want Utah County to reflect what the community wants. We will be hosting public workshops and online sessions to ensure that we hear what you want for our growing county. The residents of Utah County are the biggest stakeholders and driving force for this project.

are you trying to turn utah county into california?

The result of this process will be a ready-to-use, long range vision or plan for the future of the area, along with an implementation strategy. The vision will be a guide to businesses, cities, developers, private land owners, and everyone else who has a stake in the future of the region.

What will be the result of the valley visioning process?

How long will this take?

This project is planned to take place in three phases. The kick off for Valley Visioning took place in October 2018 and a final vision will be produced by summer 2020. See a full timeline here

We encourage everyone who’s interested to sign up for our newsletter on the homepage of this website to stay up-to-date on meetings and opportunities for public input. We will post information about all meetings on this website. You can also follow Envision Utah on Facebook or Twitter. In addition, we will be providing updates and information to different news outlets throughout the process. We want you to be involved and to know what’s going on in Utah County.

How can I be involved in this process?

Who is Envision Utah?

Envision Utah is a nonprofit that engages people to create and sustain communities that are beautiful, prosperous, healthy, and neighborly for current and future residents. To learn more, visit